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ODPS Investigative Unit Community Oriented Directed Enforcement (CODE 2000)

The Ohio Investigative Unit’s mission is to continue working relationships with local law enforcement agencies. In doing so, the OIU offers the Community Oriented Directed Enforcement program.

This partnership program allows the OIU to:

            • Create close working relationships with Ohio Chiefs of Police, Sheriff Offices and federal agencies
            • Attend roundtable meetings to identify areas of concern in each county
            • Team OIU agents with local law enforcement to address local problems
            • Campaign to make our identity and resources known

Several law enforcement agencies recognize the benefits of CODE 2000. When Ohio Investigative Unit agents team up with local law enforcement, it not only satisfies mutual concerns, but also doubles the manpower of each agency.

If you are interested in the CODE 2000 program, contact the Ohio Investigative Unit Central Office at (614) 644-2415 or e-mail Richard Cologie at RLCologie@dps.state.oh.us.